SCTE, MSOs Outline ‘Energy 2020’ Goals

The Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers and several cable operators have outlined a preliminary set of goals for “Energy 2020,” an initiative that aims to cut down energy costs and energy consumption by the end of the decade through use of new standards, innovations, and best practices.    

Energy 2020, a multi-year campaign spawned by the SCTE Energy Management program, has set out the following goals for the program: Reduce power consumption by 20% on a unit basis; Reduce energy costs by 25% on a unit basis; Reduce “grid dependency” by 10%; Optimize technical facilities and datacenters footprint by 20%; Establish vendor partnerships that will impact hardware development by the end of the decade.

“Units,” in this case, are largely measured on a chassis-basis, said SCTE CEO Mark Dzuban, adding that another evolving metric being looked at is the idea of measuring power on a terabit-per-watt basis.   The program has also identified 12 primary initiatives across five categories – facilities, plant, operations, technology and marketing/regulatory. SCTE Standards Program members will work directly with operator teams on an eight-step process that will take each initiative from concept through completion. 

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