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SAG-AFTRA Adopts New Logo

SAG-AFTRA this week launched a logo representing the merged unions.

It features the names linked by a dot and preceded with a stylized figure standing with its right arm lifted to the sky.

"The figure signifies the union’s primary brand attributes—strength, excellence and unity in front of the camera and behind the microphone," said Siegel+Gale, the design firm that created it. (It has also counted Comcast, Microsoft, Disney, and the TV Academy among its clients). The union's board approved the new design April 13.

“I think the new logo is terrific and will serve us well,” said SAG-AFTRA President Ken Howard. “It captures the humanity we bring to our crafts—whether we are actors, broadcasters or recording artists, we bring excellence to all that we do.”

SAG-AFTRA merged back in 2012 and the new branding has been in the works since shortly after the merger. It represents more than 165,000 actors, announcers, broadcasters, journalists, DJs, news writers and  editors, hosts,  singers, stunt performers, voiceover artists and others.