Rural Media is Changing FamilyNet to Cowboy Channel

Rural Media, the parent of RFD-TV, said it's reformatting its smaller cable network, FamilyNet, into a western-themed outlet, The Cowboy Channel. The changeover will happen on Saturday, July 1.

Patrick Gottsch, Rural Media's founder and president, said in posts on Rural web sites—including this one—that he had wanted to make FamilyNet a western lifestyle channel from the beginning. “At that time we just didn’t pull the trigger as I was uncomfortable that there was enough original programming or interest to support such a full-time independent channel, and decided that RFD-TV was able to handle the demand," Gottsch said.

Various programs now seen on RFD-TV will form a library to supply the new channel, he said. "The initial weekday program schedule will feature strips of our most popular series airing each day at the same time including Gentle Giants, High School Rodeo, Cowboy Country TV, Best of America By Horseback, American Rancher, Red Stegall’s West of Wall Street, along with daily lessons by clinicians like Chris Cox and Craig Cameron. In addition, Superior Livestock Auction broadcasts will be given the opportunity to expand video auctions for both horses and cattle in the daytime schedule on The Cowboy Channel."

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