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RSG Launches New Promo Optimization Platform

In a bid to help marketers more effectively use promos to grow audience and network revenues, RSG Media Systems has launched its new AdVant Promo Optimization & Scheduling platform.

The new tool uses big data analytics and revenue-optimization technologies to provide marketers with hard data and insight on the best way to schedule promos.

“The opportunity to gain significant advantage from new streams of information and new technologies is striking,” said Sriram Subramanian, RSG Media’s VP of data analytics, in a statement. “Not only can we very clearly see how well each promo campaign works, we can demonstrate how much more effective the optimized plan is in achieving marketing’s goals.”

Thomas Siegman, executive VP of strategy and innovation at the company, added in a statement that the system also features “self-learning feedback loops” so that “the system constantly gets better and uses that information to guide users for better decisions.”

The new tool builds on RSG Media’s experience its AdVant Spot Optimization, which major networks use to optimize the placement of spots and generate new revenues.

The tool is also designed to avoid some common problems with promo campaigns that may turn viewers off by airing too many promos or by airing them too early or too late, the company said.