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Rovi Seals Deal for TiVo

Rovi has closed its $1.1 billion acquisition of TiVo, and now the new company, which will retain the TiVo brand, will move ahead to an integration phase that will shape the company’s organization as well as the fate of a product lineup that spans user interfaces, DVRs and other video devices, and a collection of search and recommendation services and technologies.

Tom Carson, president and CEO of the newly combined company, said the deal “passed with flying colors” during shareholder meetings Wednesday and noted that the newly combined company can move forward and begin to act on assumptions that went into the integration planning phase.

“The near term for us is really about pulling the two companies together and trying to get them humming as best we can,” Carson said.

Many big decisions are yet to come.

“We’ll go through each of the product lines – everything from traditional set-top box guides to Internet connected guides to search [and] recommendations technologies, all of the [areas] where you have overlap and figure out what is best-of-breed and how do you want to optimize all of those solutions,” Carson said. “No decisions have been made on any of the product lines.”

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