Rovi Bows New Cloud-Based Multiscreen Guide #IBC2014

With operators looking to deploy guides that would make it easier for consumers to find content on multiple platforms, Rovi Corporation is unveiling a new HTML5-based multiplatform Rovi Guide at this year’s IBC.

“Beyond the obvious cost savings and deployment benefits of being able to deliver a single guide app across platforms and devices, what makes Rovi Guide better is the addition of newly acquired discovery innovations as well as data-science expertise,” said Omar Javaid, senior VP, Rovi in a statement. “As a result of this combination, Rovi Guide will help define a new generation of connected and intelligent solutions that allow customers to deliver distinct services unlike anything else on the market today. While these services will undoubtedly delight users, importantly, they can help improve business performance by optimizing audience value and return.”

In addition to helping operators launch new services that might reduce churn and boost purchases of new content, the new guide is designed to provide new insights about customers based on multiscreen consumption patterns and behaviors.

That data could help further refine services and provide information for improving content merchandising and promotions.

The new Rovi Guide is expected to be available for evaluation and testing by service providers and device manufacturers in Europe and the Americas in October. It should be ready for integration in 2015.