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Rohde & Schwarz Launches R&S CLG

Rohde & Schwarz has now offering the R&S CLG multichannel signal generator that the vendor is billing as the first instrument on the market capable of simulate a cable TV network with up to 160 analog and digital TV signals.

In the past, engineers and technicians needed multiple signal generators in the lab to simulate the mix of analog and digital channels that operators typically offer. The R&S CLG, which is only 19" wide and 1 HU high, overcomes that problem and is capable of replacing an entire rack of signal generators commonly used in test systems.

The R&S CLG has a frequency range from 47 MHz to 1002 MHz and can generate up to 160 freely combinable analog and digital signals. It is capable of simulating a U.S. cable TV network with 158 channels and a European network with up to 119 channels.