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Roberts: Not Convinced 3D is Future of 24/7 TV

Comcast Chairman Brian Roberts says the company plans to
produce great 3D content, but says he isn't sure the new technology will be the
next HD in terms of adoption for 24/7 TV.

In a Q&A session with the Wall Street Journal's Alan Murray at a Congressional Internet
Caucus event Wednesday (Jan. 27), Roberts was asked how important 3D would be
to the business, and what kind of bandwidth challenges it presented.

Roberts said bandwidth challenges were a good opportunity
because it meant somebody wants something. He said that the 3D on display at
the Consumer Electronics Show was the most impressive he has seen.

He said viewers would have 3D-enabled devices in their homes
within the next 10 years, and that one of the exciting things was that it was
starting at a price point differential of about $700 vs. a traditional TV, and
would soon go down to zero--as opposed to the first HDTV set he saw that cost

He likened the future of 3D to the ubiquity of Blue
Tooth.  "The question is, are you
going to want to sit there and wear glasses four hours a day to watch TV. I
don't think so," he said.

Roberts likened the near-term future of the technology to a
blue face rather than a tooth. "I actually think that for a while it will
be big events, like an Avatar."

He said that with the digital transition, everybody was
convinced that was where TV was going to need to be everywhere, all the time.
"I'm not yet convinced we want to sit there all day long [watching 3D]."