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Report: Social Media Important Factor For Ad Dollars

with the familiar statistics advertisers mull over, a new metric --
social impressions -- is playing a key role in deciding where those ad
dollars go, according to Networked Insights' recent upfront report.

impressions indicate the amount of social media discussion a show
receives, and it's more than just the number of posts on blogs, Facebook
and Twitter. Networked Insights developed a formula that tracks
conversation volume, page views, frequent visitors and the traits of the
posters and forums where the discussions are happening.

Social impressions can be a very useful tool for buyers looking for that "diamond in the rough," the report says.

way they can be used is to stretch ad dollars by
purchasing multiple shows with lower gross rating points (GRPs) but with
higher social impressions. For example, American Idol
delivered 14.2 GRPs for a 30-second ad at $600k per, according to the
report. Networked Insights argues that instead, buyers could target shows
with lower GRPs that have higher social impressions, which would in turn lower the cost of advertising.

A week's worth of advertisements on Saturday Night Live, Fringe, Chuck, The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural combined would net GRPs comparable to Idol,
but would reach an audience that the reports states is 60% more
"engaged" (all those shows are in the top 20 in social impressions).
Those five shows together would cost roughly $300,000 less than Idol.

There is no question that Idol
viewers take to social media to discuss the show, as it is one of the
most popular on television, but the report argues that it "doesn't have a
monopoly on viewer passion." Shows like Chuck and Fringe,
which teeter on the brink of cancellation, are still around thanks to
extremely dedicated fanbases. The report notes that the more dedicated
the fans of the show are, the more impact their social media presence
has, thus raising the social impression.

Scripted shows like Chuck and Fringe also provide the opportunity for ad integration that can feel less forced compared that on reality series.