Report: Hulu Wants To Bundle Up With Pay-TV Providers

Hulu LLC is in talks with several major pay-TV operators about partnerships that could enable the web video specialist to be bundled with subscription video packages, The Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday, citing unnamed sources.

The talks include an integration of Hulu Plus, Hulu's premium-level service that features original series and access to new and archived TV shows, the paper said, noting that the discussions come into play as incumbent providers continue to seek out ways to preserve the pay-TV model and obtain digital rights that would enable them to offer both new and archived episodes.

Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Cox Communications,  Verizon Communications are among the operators that are engaged in the talks, the paper said. Hulu is also talking to AT&T about tying the over-the-top service to its mobile offerings, the WSJ added, noting that the parties are still months away from a deal and that Hulu intends to retain its free service.

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