Report: Google Fiber Ended 2014 With 29,867 TV Subs

Google Fiber is stirring fear among incumbent telcos and cable operators, but the provider has yet to make a big dent in the market, at least with respect to video, in the early going, according to new subscriber data uncovered by MoffetNathanson.

Citing figures released today by the U.S. Copyright Office, which tracks video subs due to compulsory license fee requirements, the firm’s report found that Google ended 2014 with 29,867 video subs – 194 in Stanford, Calif. (where it's conducting a trial); 7,026 in Kansas City, Kan.; 20,140 in Kansas City, Mo.; and 2,507 in Provo, Utah (Google Fiber entered Provo in 2013, when it acquired the assets of iProvo).

MoffettNathanson’s figures also show that Google’s video service penetration in Stanford is 5% (based on 3,913 homes passed); 13%/53,925 in Kansas City, Kan.; 10.5%/192,406 in Kansas City, Mo.; and 8%/31,524 in Provo.

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