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Rentrak Patent Targets TV Show Effectiveness

Ratings measurement specialist Rentrak said it has secured a new patent that covers TV audience engagement and indicates which TV shows are most effective, providing advertisers with a valuable tool.   

Issued on Dec. 2, the patent, U.S. No. 8,904,419, describes a “System and method for measuring television audience engagement.” Michael Vinson, Bruce Goerlich, Maria Loper, Melissa Martin, and Amir Yazdani are listed as the patent’s inventors.  

According to the company, the patent revolves around a process to prove which TV shows have the most engaged viewers based on a “Stickiness Index,” holding that the more time spent viewing, the more likely a viewer is to remember advertising. Rentrak uses the Stickiness Index in its TV Essentials system, as well as in weekly reports.

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