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Rentrak To Measure Set-Top Data For Dish

Measurement firm Rentrak Corp., which analyzes video-on-demand viewing for most major cable operators, has won a deal from satellite operator Dish Network to report the measurement of click-stream television data from millions of Dish set-top boxes.

Rentrak’s TV Essentials software will deliver anonymous viewer measurement data from the set-top boxes, including second-by-second television programming and advertising information, and will allow Dish to analyze anonymous audience viewing of programming and advertising for linear television and generate detailed viewer measurement information. TV Essentials, which Dish will use in combination with in-house analytical tools, will also report on DISH Network DVR and interactive usage.

TV Essentials has also been integrated with Dish’s traffic and billing systems for ad placement information, allowing advertisers to get intelligence at the campaign, program and individual advertisement levels.

"Advertisers are clamoring for this level of reporting to gain insights and to increase efficiencies in this age of increased accountability,” said Michael Finn, VP of Advertising Sales for DISH Network, in a statement. “This reporting will make a significant difference for advertisers across all of our current and future initiatives, and will allow us to make more informed internal programming and marketing decisions.”