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'Redskins' Critics Urged To File FCC Indecency Complaints

Critics of the "Redskins" name for the Washington NFL team took to social media to try to encourage Web users to file indecency/obscenity complaints against stations who aired the name during the team's game with the Kansas city Chiefs, also a Native American inspired name.

Former FCC Chairman Reed Hundt has been a leading proponent of changing the team name, and told B&C/MultiChannel News last April that if broadcasters didn't stop using the name, the FCC should "actively investigate whether its use constitutes indecency.

Web site Indian Country Today Media Network reported a number of the Tweets generated by the campaign. "Today file FCC complaint when you hear Redskins slur on Radio, TV." read one tweet. An indecency complaint has to be filed against the local broadcast outlet that airs the offending speech.

An associated Facebook campaign seeking complaints drew 43 participants Sunday, indicating the FCC could get at least 43 complaints .

An indecency complaint is something of a Hail Mary since indecency is confined to sexual and excretory references.

President Obama has said that if he were the owner of the team he would "think about changing [the name]." The actual owner, Dan Snyder, has been adamant about keeping the name.

An FCC spokesperson was not available for comment at press time.