Raycom Upgrades Digital Monitoring System

Volicon has announced that Raycom Media is upgrading its Observer digital video monitoring and logging system. With the upgrade, the group's 48 stations will not only be using Observer for monitoring, compliance, and ad verification, it will also be used for competitive analysis, loudness monitoring, and Nielsen Audio Video Encoder (NAVE) monitoring.

"With our initial investment in Observer systems, we envisioned them monitoring what's going out to air and providing proof that we aired content properly," said Dave Folsom, vice president, chief technology officer at Raycom Media. "Since then, they have been in constant use, adding value on so many levels and in so many different ways. This system-wide upgrade gives us new Observer hardware with more robust capabilities, and the fact that we have been able to add in NAVE and CALM Act monitoring and view content from mobile devices feels like a bonus."

Volicon Observer systems capture, store, and stream stations' broadcasted content and offer users unlimited access to live and recorded content from their desktop computers and smart devices.

In addition to monitoring ad deliveries, loudness and other features, that also allows Raycom senior executives and consultants to access live and recorded feeds from a total of 158 stations to track what their stations and their competitors are doing.