Raycom Media to Roll Out Chyron BlueNet

Raycom Media is planning to roll-out the new Chyron BlueNet graphics workflow solution at all of the group's 31 stations that produce news.

The purchase is part of a complete overhaul and HD upgrade of its graphics systems. Besides the BlueNet implementation, Raycom is also outfitting the 31 stations with Chyron's dual-channel LEX3 on-air graphics systems, CAMIO servers, and the iSQ remote monitoring and playout application.

Raycom will roll out its new Chyron BlueNet workflow solution at 26 stations in 2011 and at the remaining five stations in 2012.

"Chyron's close work with us - on both the corporate level and with our individual stations - was critical to the design of an efficient and cost-effective unified graphics workflow for our news-producing stations," said Paul McTear, CEO at Raycom Media in a statement. "In addition to providing powerful and sophisticated graphics tools, Chyron offered unique expertise in engineering and an end-to-end solution that could meet our current and future requirements. We feel that the company's commitment to ongoing support and training as we roll out BlueNet also will be valuable in helping us maximize the value of this significant upgrade to our news operations."

BlueNet was launched by Chryon at NAB this year as a unifying tool to help users streamline workflows while creating complex broadcast graphics workflows and its implementation at the Raycom stations was based on input from top Raycom executives.

The BlueNet product integrates closely with AXIS, Chyron's cloud-based graphics offering and Raycom will implement an AXIS layer in a second stage of its BlueNet implementation.

"Designing an effective unified workflow for a broadcaster the size of Raycom Media is no small task, and the involvement and commitment of key staff throughout the company's engineering, news, creative services, and promotions departments was vital to this project," noted Michael Wellesley-Wesley, president and CEO at Chyron in a statement. "We received valuable input from everyone engaged in the process, and we're confident that the resulting BlueNet workflow will yield a dramatic improvement in Raycom's ability to incorporate striking graphics into their live productions and, in turn, deliver an even more competitive on-air product."