Rabbit TV Hops Into New Free Facebook App

In a bid to expand interest in its over-the-top subscription service, FreeCast’s Rabbit TV has launched a free Facebook app that will include over 250 streaming channels.

The move is designed to provide users access with some of its content and to drive interest in its $10 a year subscription services.

The service offers a range of niche channels, ranging from news and sports to win and DIY projects.

The company says the subscription service has built up 4 million users in the two years since launch.

“It’s all about connecting with customers,” said FreeCast CEO Bill Mobley in a statement. “Consumer-facing businesses have known that for a long time, and television networks are starting to figure it out too. Social Media and video content are two of the best ways for businesses to engage with consumers, so Facebook TV could really be a nexus of opportunity.”