Qwilt Caches The Live Streaming Wave

Aiming to bring to live video streaming the bandwidth-saving benefits it has historically brought to Internet-delivered on-demand content, Qwilt has introduced a software upgrade for its transparent caching system that helps MSOs and other network operators keep bandwidth in check when shuttling in both managed- and unmanaged live video streams.

The new feature, called Qwilt Live Stream Cache, hooks into the vendor’s flagship product, the QB-Series Video Fabric Controller. As designed, those caches monitor video traffic on operator networks, identify popular and trending video titles, and store them at the edge of the operator's network. The aim is to produce a higher-quality stream, reduce buffering and dropped sessions while also helping carriers reduce online video transport costs.

The system is “transparent” in the sense that it can monitor the streams of a wide range of sources, including Netflix, Hulu Plus and YouTube, and is generally viewed as an alternative to single-purpose edge caches being pitched to ISPs by Netflix, Google and other OTT video players.

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