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Putting TV Spots in Lineup Paid Off for Fantasy Sports

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TV made a big contribution to the growth of daily fantasy sports over the past three years, the Video Advertising Bureau said.

Daily fantasy sports companies, led by DraftKings and FanDuel, spent $300 million on TV advertising over the last three years and have built themselves into households names and substantial business, VAB said.

The fantasy sports business now is under pressure as state authorities question whether or not it is a form of illegal gambling. Some states have threatened to close the sites to their residents, and a leading payment handler plans to stop doing business with the industry at the end of the month.

But some in the business are predicting that while the legal challenges have people nervous, they might return to their free-spending ways.

Between August and November alone, as the NFL football season started, DraftKings spent $123.4 million on national TV ads, according to FanDuel spent $136.5 million. Spending tailed off after that with DraftKings spending $3.1 million and FanDuel just $1.1 million.