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PTC Gives CBS $#*! Over Show Name

Parents Television Council is trying to use the power of the purse to get CBS
to change the name of its new show, $#*!
My Dad Says

group, whose complaints to the FCC helped prompt the crackdown on fleeting profanity
and nudity, said Monday it has sent letters to 300 CBS advertisers asking them
to steer clear of the show "unless or until CBS chooses a different title
for this program."

PTC says
it will collect responses from advertisers by Aug. 15 and release the results.

program is inspired by the wildly popular Twitter phenomenon, which now has
more than 1.5 million followers and also has spawned a best-selling book of the
same name. It will in no way be indecent and will adhere to all CBS
standards," said CBS in a statement echoing one it made in May when PTCfirst complained about the show.