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Promise Technology Launches New Storage Systems

Promise Technology has announced that its Pegasus2 R2+ and SANLink2 16G FC storage systems are now available around the world.

The products were first unveiled at NAB in April.

The Pegasus2 R2+ is designed to be an affordable Thunderbolt 2 desktop hardware RAID 0/1 storage system with USB 3.0. The compact SANLink2 16G FC is a compact device that allows a Thunderbolt 2 host computer to directly connect to a Fiber Channel (FC) SAN, which doubles the speed of the older FC.

"The performance, simplicity and flexibility of Thunderbolt have made it an essential technology for creative professionals," said James Lee, CEO of Promise Technology in a statement. “With the addition of Pegasus2 R2+ and SANLink2 16G FC to our Thunderbolt 2 product line, our customers can choose from an incredible range of products to meet their needs, whether they require speed, capacity, versatility or portability."