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Promax/BDA's Chabin Steps Away; Lee Hunt Takes Over

Promax/BDA Vice Chair Lee Hunt has been named interim managing director of Promax/BDA and the Association of Interactive Marketers.

The move coincides with the departure of Promax President/CEO Jim Chabin, who is described as on "leave."

Hunt will take over administration of both organizations, which oversee the M16 video game marketers conference in May as well as the Promax/BDA conference in June in New York.

Hunt handled over 100 TV network branding/design jobs while with his own company, Lee Hunt Associates, which he sold to Razorfish in the 1990's.

Chabin, told of Hunt's interim appointment, called it a "perfectly above-board, decent and honest thing to do" on the part of the Promax board. "He understands the market, so put the guy in place and see what he can do." In fact, Hunt's perspective on television marketing and promotion often results in provocative seminars he hosts at Promax sessions.

"If that's the way they want to go, that's fine, " Chabin says. "I've had a good run. Chabin ran Promax from 1992-99, and then was brought back in 2003. 

Despite the Hunt announcement, on Monday (Feb. 5) Chabin is due to give a presentation to the Promax board in which he would flesh out a proposal to take over the management of Promax activities on a contractual basis and return a portion of the proceeds to the organization, the way some other trade shows run their conferences.

Whatever happens or whoever runs the organization, the Promax New York conference is scheduled for June 12-14 and Chabin indicated, organizers don't have time to waste.