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Programmatic Ad Tech Platforms Proliferate

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As programmatic advertising spreads from the digital world to television, much confusion persists about these technologies and the various companies pitching programmatic platforms.

As often happens with newer technologies, many players have moved into the space, with a number of companies specializing in specific areas, such as sell side platforms or analytics, which can make it difficult to tell who is doing what. In addition, many of these companies have taken very different approaches the process of programmatic ad buys, adding further complexity.

In an effort to help our readers better understand the complexities of the emerging programmatic ecosystem and how it relates to TV, B&C began compiling a list of companies involved in the space in 2014. From the start, our goal was not to list every company involved in programmatic ad technologies—there are hundreds of them. Rather, we wanted to provide short descriptions of what they do and how they fit into the overall programmatic space. Do they work primarily with advertisers and agencies on the demand side, or do they focus on TV stations and networks on the sell side? Do they focus on measurement and analytics, or do they have a specific specialty, such as mobile or local TV advertising?

Since the first iteration of this list, we have continued to expand it online to include more than three dozen companies. The six companies listed below are the newest additions, though not necessarily new companies. Most are in fact relatively established players that we have not profiled in the past.

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Contact: Josh Speyer CEO, (888) 451-4705
Offering: A mobile ad serving and mediation platform that includes a variety of yield optimization tools; works with thousands of apps, from premium publishers to independent developers, to improve their existing ad network revenue through mediation and by tapping into the aerMarket’s demand inventory. On the programmatic front, it allows mobile video buyers to purchase mobile video inventory across AerServ’s platform, which encompasses billions of mobile video ad impressions daily. AerServ mobile RTB, which is based on the openRTB standard, has served hundreds of millions of impressions to date across dozens of partners in the private alpha.


Contact: Dave Irwin, president,, (630) 778-2764; Eric Schmitt, executive VP communications, TV and media,, (617) 794-1459
Offering: A major provider of advanced TV advertising software and data products used by leading TV distributors, network programmers and Fortune 500 advertisers; its Audience Interconnect platform has been used in hundreds of TV, VOD and online household and zone-addressable campaigns by local and national ad sales teams. In the programmatic space, Audience Interconnect provides a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) system and analytic platform for audience research and segmentation, addressable campaign execution and campaign measurement for premium video ads across linear TV, VOD and online.


Contact: Joe Apprendi, founder and CEO,, (646) 442-6512; Kerry Bianchi, COO,, (646) 998-6073; Eoin Townsend, CPO, (646) 918-1010
Offering: A marketing technology company that helps brands acquire customers through multiscreen, programmatic media. Offers the VISTO marketing platform and managed service offering as well as individual media solutions that provide technologies for data and campaign management, audience targeting, analytics and insight into performance, placement, quality and costs.


Contact: Scott Rosenblum, CEO, (404) 220-9872 x102,; Abhi Goel, CTO, (404) 220-9873 x103,
Offering: Its advertising platform provides companies with a complete system of inventory management for desktop, mobile and video inventory; processes billions of ads bids through Neutrino’s platform each day and delivers ads to millions of people in 100-plus countries per month. Offers programmatic advertising to its customers via its Supply Side and Data Management platforms; has partnerships with Google, Facebook (LiveRail), WideOrbit, AOL, large advertising companies, brands, trading desks and other companies. Clients include Dailymotion, Stardoll, Starmedia, National Rail of United Kingdom, Orange Latin America and others.


Contact: Kevin O’Reilly, CTO, (425) 501-6762,; Rory Paterson, product director, 44 (0)7500 111 785,; main phone and email: (917) 499-0998, info@
Offering: Provides an accurate, real-time, linear television attribution platform with analytical systems designed to help advertisers to increase return on investment and performance of TV campaigns. Integrated into the AdTech ecosystem, it ingests programmatic inventory feeds from the VOD and addressable TV supply side and delivers TV insights and first-party data segmentations to the demand side for advanced video-buying decisions. Also supplies extensive session-level data for both internal and third-party attribution and media-mix modelling. Its technologies are used by the TV programmatic ad platform AdMore.


Contact: Shereta Williams, president; Brad Smith, senior VP, revenue and operations, (678) 645-6550
Offering: Videa is a supply-side platform backed by Cox that brings automation and data-driven targeting to the buying and selling of television advertising. The suite of products and services is designed to help local broadcasters to monetize their inventory more efficiently while opening new demand channels to enhance the value of spot television. Works with companies including Videology, Hearst, Cox, Graham Media, E.W. Scripps, Media General, Carat, Starcom and 22squared.