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Postal Workers Union to Launch Ads on Cable Networks

The American Postal Workers Union (APWU) will continue to use national cable to make its point to Washington and the rest of the nation about the impact on cutbacks to its service.

APWU plans a Wednesday (March 14) launch of three new 30-second spots, which will run on national cable networks CNN, MSNBC and Fox News Channel, as well as NBC Nightly News, according to the union.

Union spokeswoman Sally Davidow said NBC Nightly News was new to the ad buy, an effort to broaden beyond the cable news viewership. But the majority of the flight remains cable. "The people who are very much interested in politics and legislation and social issues tend to watch the cable news channels," she said.

The ad flight will run approximately nine weeks – through mid-May – when cutbacks to post offices and mail processing plants will begin absent some move from Congress. If Congress does not act, they argue, 100,000 jobs will be lost.

The union launched its first flight of cable ads last fall.