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Poland's Platform ‘n' to Launch nShow 3D

In another sign that 3D is gaining traction in Europe, the Polish pay-TV service Platform `n' will be launching the nShow 3D service on December 4th, a move that the operator is billing as the country's first regularly scheduled 3D offering.

The new 3D service will bow with special live coverage of the European Boxing Union's heavyweight bout between Poland's Albert Sosnowski and defending champion Alexander Dimitrenko.

A few special 3D events were aired in Poland earlier this year, including Platform `n''s coverage of the Football Champions League final, but the new service will feature a regular mix of 3D concerts, movies, documentaries and major sporting events. The operator is planning two additional boxing matches in 3D during December and several live Champions League matches in 3D.

"We are proud to confirm our technological leadership and introduce to our subscribers the first and only regular 3D TV service in the country," noted Christian Anting, COO of Platform `n', which has about 739,000 subscribers and was the first pay-TV operator in the market to launch HD channels with MPEG-4 compression. It is owned by TVN Group, one of Poland's largest media companies.