PESA Expands Router Line

PESA has expanded its line of routers for the professional market with the new PRO-3GSDI-1616 routing switcher, which offers internal power, optional pushbutton control.

The company is offering two models: the PRO-3GSDI-1616-C and the PRO-3GSDI-1616-PB, which includes a local pushbutton control panel. Both models have an internal power supply.

The new router can handle all common SMPTE and ITU standard serial digital video signals, the company reports, as well as embedded audio and other ancillary data required for the HD-SDI and DVB/ASI broadcast sources. It also supports bit rates from 50 Mbps to 3 Gbps and video transports up to 1080p at 60 frames per second.

"With almost four decades of proven performance in high-quality broadcast switching products, PESA continues to innovate with cost effective products like the PRO-3GSDI-1616," said Dan Holland, PESA vice president of product marketing in statement. "It's loaded with features normally found in larger router systems, but it fits perfectly in small to mid-size venues where rack space is at a premium."

The PRO-3GSDI-1616 has a suggest price of $5,995 and is being positioned as an cost-effective option for small to mid-size video switching environments.