Up Periscope

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Periscope, Twitter's live-streaming app, is still a youngling even in Internet time, but it’s already pulling down some big-boy numbers.

The app jumped past 10 million registered users on Aug. 2, and now streams out more than 40 years’ worth (or 345,600 hours) of video every day, the company said last week in a blog post by cofounders Kayvon Beykpour and Joe Bernstein.

Periscope, they noted, defines “time watched” as the aggregate amount of time people spend watching live broadcasts on iOS and Android. That figure does not yet factor in browser viewing at periscope.tv, but the company is working on a way to track that traffic precisely enough to include it later.

Among other tidbits, Periscope, acquired by Twitter earlier this year for a reported $100 million, claims to have nearly 2 million daily active users.

Those numbers enter play about four months after Periscope launched initially on the iOS platform, and roughly two months after it debuted an app for the Android platform.