Peel Smart Remote App Hits 50 Million Activations

Peel has announced that its smart TV remote application now has more than 50 million activations and that it is on track to exceed 125 million activations by the end of 2014.

The growth in activations, which doubled in the last six months, has been fueled by deals with Samsung and HTC to preload the app on their devices.

The app allows users to navigate personalized viewing recommendations on their smart phones and tablets and then tap on their mobile screens to launch programming on their TV. The platform also provides TV networks with a way to promote their programming to consumers who can use the app to tune into shows, record programming or get viewing reminders.

The company currently handles about 85 million unique remote control commands from its smartphone app users each day.  

"Reaching 50 million activations and 2.5 billion monthly remote commands are important milestones for our company," said Bala Krishnan, cofounder and chief product officer for Peel in a statement. "TV networks and brand advertisers have begun to recognize that Peel represents the connected and measurable future. What Nest is doing for thermostats, Peel is doing for TV remotes as part of the growing Internet of things."