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Peel Launches TV

The smart remote app provider Peel has taken its new TV tune-in platform out of beta after it was used by a number of major U.S. networks.

The platform lets TV networks and programmers track and increase viewer engagement via unique URLs that allow viewers to tune-in, record the show via their DVR or set a calendar reminder using the Peel Smart Remote app.

In beta testing the platform was used by such networks as HBO, PBS, Univision, AMC, BET and Sundance Channel.

“Seventy-five percent of smartphone owners have the device in hand when watching TV,” said Bala Krishnan, co-founder and chief product officer at Peel, in a statement. “Twitter, Facebook and other social media have emerged as significant second-screen platforms for engaging viewers around TV programming. What was missing was a mechanism for directly connecting potential viewers and their friends to a show or movie. provides that direct link.”

Peel’s tune-in links also integrated with Twitter Cards to create rich and eye-catching experiences to grab the viewer’s attention, the company reports.

The Peel Smart Remote app, which is preloaded on the latest Samsung, HTC and ZTE devices under various names works with 3,500 brands of TV and 600 set-top boxes.