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Pappas Negotiates Traffic with Harris

Pappas Telecasting is buying traffic software from Harris Corporation to centralize traffic functions among its 27 stations.

 Pappas will use the Harris OSi-Traffic system, which has seen strong sales since Harris acquired Optimal Solutions Inc. and its OSi trafffic business in April 2006. Harris has worked to integrate the OSi software with its own automation software, as well as those from third-party vendors. Pappas will use it centralize the broadcast advertising traffic and accounting operations for most of its stations at its new technical operations center in Fresno, Calif.

 “We are pleased to form this beneficial, long-term relationship with Harris," said Dennis J. Davis, president and chief operating officer of Pappas Telecasting Companies, in a statement. "We look forward to working with their OSi team to create the most efficient, streamlined and centralized traffic operations possible, and we are excited about the savings this new efficiency will bring.”