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Panasonic Launches New Turnkey Production Studio

Panasonic Solutions Company (PSC) is launching a turnkey video production studio product, the HDTV Producer. Targeted to schools, churches, media centers, cable access channels and other smaller operations, the produced is priced at under $20,000 and designed to offer an affordable video production studio that includes camcorders, mixer, recorder, monitor and all the other needed video accessories.

"With HDTV Producer, we are facilitating the procurement and installation process, and making it painless for organizations to deploy a full-featured video production system with a solid-state workflow," notes John Rhodes, product Manager at PSC.

HDTV Producer's main components include two AG-HMC80 AVCCAM HD/SD professional camcorders for video capture, an AG-HMX100 HD/SD AV Mixer with MultiViewer for video and audio mixing with digital effects, an AG-HMR10 compact AVCCAM Recorder for recording of up to 4 hours of content, a 42" TH-42LF20 Professional LCD Monitor with 1080p resolution, as well as SDHC Cards and all the audio/video accessories and cabling necessary to begin producing HD content.

In addition to its Panasonic professional video gear, HDTV Producer includes such A/V accessories as a Shure SM48LC Microphone and boom stand, an Intercom/Tallly System with four headsets/belt packs, two Tripod Systems with Dollies, and two Zoom/Focus Rear Lens Control Systems.