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Pac-12 Networks Selects Cisco

Cisco announced Tuesday that the Pac-12 Networks will be using Cisco's IP-centric PowerVu video processing and distribution technology and Digital Content Manager when they launch one national and six local networks this August.

The solutions, which include the servers that support the delivery networks at all 12 universities, the data routing and switching capabilities in the Pac-12 Studios in San Francisco and the encoding and transcoding equipment, will allow the networks to delivery hundreds of live sporting events from each of the 12 campuses.

As previously reported, the Cisco system will play a key role in the Pac-12's construction of a new infrastructure that is designed deliver an enormous amount of content to multiple platforms.

The Pac-12 Networks, which launch Aug. 15, are scheduled to televise 850 live sporting events annually, including 35 football games and more than 130 men's basketball games in the first year.

"Given the diverse demands that we have with both national and regional networks, Cisco provides the kind of flexibility and reliability we need to deliver all of the great live content from the campuses to all of our fans spread across the country," noted Pac-12 Enterprises president Gary Stevenson in a statement.

The Pac-12 Networks began its signal test using the technology on Monday, July 16, delivering a live feed from its San Francisco headquarters to Comcast Media Center in Denver to each of its affiliates through Cisco's PowerVu system.

The PowerVu system allows the Pac-12 Networks to deliver MPEG4 HD content with surround sound audio to both MPEG4 and MPEG2 CATV headends. It also will be used for ad insertion and provides a control and conditional access system for security.

"Cisco is proud to be collaborating with Pac-12 Enterprises and delivering technology that will make the Pac-12 Network a model that future organizations can follow," said David Hsieh, VP, marketing, video and emerging Technologies, Cisco. "Cisco's network will enable the Pac-12 Network to give passionate college sports fans the dynamic experience they demand, allowing them to be more than just viewers."