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Oxygen Develops Lulu of a Promo

In the run-up to the June 10 premiere of the new series Player gets Played, Oxygen partnered with Lulu, an anonymous app that lets women rate men by choosing from a wide variety of pre-populated hashtags.

The show features women who come together to teach their cheating boyfriend a lesson.

As part of the promotion Lulu’s editorial team created an editorial piece in the app’s “Dear Dude,” section. The piece, which was written from a woman’s point of view, offers advice on how to confront a women who hooked up with your boyfriend.

In addition, Oxygen worked with Lulu to create profiles of the men appearing on the show that users could rate.

It also created a series of special edition hashtags referencing key themes in the show that all Lulu users can then use to rate men. Those hashtags included “#SmoothOperator,” “#CallHimCasanova,” “#SweetTalker,” “#AllTheRightMoves,” “#FloristOnSpeedDial,” etc.