Out-Of-Home Viewing on the Rise: Study

  Out-of-home video viewing continues to climb, and it’s a trend that has caught on around the world.  

More than half of internet users in the U.S., United Kingdom, Brazil, Japan and Germany watched video content away from their homes at least once a month, with one out of six doing so on a daily basis, IHS Markit found in a Q1 2018 survey.

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IHS Markit said its results were based on a sample size of 2,401 internet users in each of the five countries studied. The firm conducted the survey in April 2018.

Per those findings, internet users in the 17-24 age group over-indexed with respect to out-of-home viewing, with 80% doing so at least once a month, and nearly 25% on a daily basis, the firm found.

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That trend is being fed by the extensive reach of online video platforms and devices, but “threatens pay TV service viewership and value perceptions,” IHS Markit warned.

The firm also found that, among OTT services, Netflix had the strongest crossover with pay TV across all markets surveyed. In the UK, Virgin Media customers were twice as likely to have a Netflix subscription than Sky TV customers. Virgin Media was the first pay TV provider to offer Netflix on leased set-top boxes, starting that process on TiVo-powered boxes in the fall of 2013.

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Brazil, meanwhile, had the highest rate of out-of-home video viewing among the countries surveyed – with two-thirds of respondents saying they watched video outside the home at least once a week.