Orb Networks Launches Orb TV

Orb Networks has launched an Internet TV solution that allows consumers to use their smartphones to watch full TV episodes on their TVs from online sites like Hulu and Comedy Central. While there are a number of other devices that bring online content to the TV, Orb claims to be the first to bring content to the TV from Hulu.com and other sites for network programming that can't currently be accessed via Google TV and other solutions.

"With ORB TV, people are no longer locked into watching their favorite online TV shows on a small PC or computer screen," noted Joe Costello, CEO and founder of Orb Networks. "We make it easy for consumers to enjoy popular TV shows on any TV in any room of the house" using the interface of their smart phone as a kind of TV remote.

Orb TV requires the purchase of a small disk shaped device for $99 and installation of its software and app on a user's PC and smartphone. It uses the consumer's smartphone to control access the web content.

The app also comes with an index of TV shows that allows users to simply type in the name of the show they want to watch. Orb finds episodes of the show without the user having to know which web site--Hulu, ABC or CBS--to access.

The solution also offers access to Netflix and allows users to stream home videos and other media to the TV.

Orb does not currently support high definition video.