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One World Sports Adopts BroadView

One World Sports, an English language network focusing on Asian sports, is adopting BroadView Software's media management system to integrate its programming, traffic, sales, billing and web efforts.

One World Sports offers content across multiple platforms and is a division of One Media Corp., which operates other multiplatform networks and is one of the world's largest pay-per-view providers with over 5,500 live sporting events per year.

"With BroadView, we are readily able to address the challenges associated with our multi-screen expansion," said Allen Miller, One Media Corp.'s general manager, in a statement.  "Combining our traffic and programming data into a single information infrastructure consolidates, optimizes and streamlines our operation. In addition to reducing costs, the BroadView system prepares us to be far more scalable and nimble in aggressively pursuing our multi-screen opportunities."

One World Sports' BroadView implementation will bring together a wide spectrum of systems now carried out by separate products and will unify the information from these separate systems into a single database that can be accessed through a single interface.