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One-Third of U.S. Homes will Have 4KTVs in 2019: IHS

Aided by steep price declines, adoption of Ultra HD technology will expand in the coming years, with about 34% of U.S. homes having 4K TVs in 2019, IHS found in a new forecast that also expects most 50-inch-and-larger TVs worldwide to feature 4K resolution. 

With respect to 4K TV penetration in other world markets, it will reach 25% in the European Union in 2019, led by Switzerland (32%) and followed by the U.K. (31%).  Despite Japan’s slot as a developed premium TV market, 4K home penetration there will reach just 14%, while China’s 4K TV penetration is poised to hit 24% in 2019, per IHS

“With the Japanese consumer preference for smaller TV screens, it will be more difficult for 4K TV to expand its household penetration in the country, even though UHD broadcasts are set to begin in 2018, in the run up to the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020,” Hasakazu Torii, IHS’s senior director of consumer device research, said in a statement.

In emerging markets where homes currently have smaller LCD TV orr CRT TVs, 4K penetration is also anticipated to be lower – Russia (11%), Brazil (8%) and India (2%).

Parks Research recently issued a report finding that  Samsung accounted for 28% of 4K TV purchases made within the past year by U.S. broadband homes, while Best Buy captured 40% of the 4K TV retail market, topping the sector.