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OMVC Selects Neustar for Mobile DTV

The Open Mobile Video Coalition (OMVC) has selected Neustar to provide the infrastructure necessary to deliver live, digital broadcast TV content to various mobile video enabled devices and potentially offer pay or subscription services.

While free services are expected to be the initial focus for mobile DTV launches, Neustar's digital rights management tools will allow stations and content providers to develop subscription and other offerings.

Neustar provides the UltraViolet digital rights locker, which allows consumers to buy content once and play it on multiple devices, for the Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem (DECE) consortium. While Neustar will be providing different technology for mobile DTV, its experience with DECE was important in the selection.

The agreement is also an important step in the process of convincing rights holders make their content available on the new mobile platforms.

"With Neustar, we have a steady hand at the controls of what we believe will be a thriving digital mobile industry that will bring broadcast television content to millions of American consumers," said OMVC President Vince Sadusky, who is also president and CEO of LIN Media in a statement.

Under the deal, Neustra will operate as the MDTV Trust Authority, providing digital certificates and providing secure, on-line systems to track content from the process of registration, through ordering services, delivery, authentication and status checking.

"Neustar is delighted to have been selected through this competitive process to be the technology provider to the OMVC, and we look forward to working with the OMVC in the same innovative and partnering spirit with which we're building the UltraViolet digital rights locker and ecosystem with the DECE Consortium," added Timothy Dodd, vice president and general manager, Neustar Media.