OmniBus Wins Big Starz Deal

Automation vendor OmniBus Systems announced that it has won a major
contract from Starz Entertainment for its iTX transmission system, a
software-driven, IT-based product that runs on off-the-shelf computer hardware
and combines multiple functions, including video server, automation, graphics
device and logo inserter, into one product.

OmniBus has been tapped to migrate Starz to an all-iTX transmission
architecture later this year, with a 130-channel installation that includes the
primary facility in Englewood, Colo. and its nearby backup facilities, and both
SD and HD services. It would be the second large iTX playout system in the
U.S. for OmniBus, following a similar
installation at DirecTV. iTX is also used by several cable programmers and by
CBS to feed content to the FLO TV mobile TV service.

Starz had previously used Avid Pinnacle MediaStream video servers, which
have been discontinued, under the control of OmniBus Colossus automation to
handle its playout. It will use iTX to duplicate its existing operations in
almost every aspect. It also aims to take advantage of the system's ability to
manage a piece of content from a single storage repository and utilize it across
multiple transmission channels.

"The iTX system fits neatly into our present operation without demanding
a lot of retraining or restructuring of workflows, and integrates very well with
our existing in-house traffic and content-management systems," said Starz SVP of
programming operations Ray Milius in a statement. "At the same time, iTX gives
us a much greater ability to adapt and extend the operation to meet future

"We are very excited about Starz Entertainment's decision to go with an
all-iTX transmission system, and the aggressive installation schedule shows just
how quickly broadcasters can get major operations transferred to iTX," added
OmniBus CEO Mike Oldham in a statement. "Starz has been a long-standing OmniBus
customer with a forward-looking approach to technology, and their example will
be of great interest to all broadcasters."