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Olympusat Expands Film Restoration Efforts

After completing the restoration of a library of classic
Spanish-language films, Olympusat Inc. has announced that their digital film
production facilities Olympusat 360 will be opening up its operations to
outside companies looking to restore films, TV shows, commercials,
documentaries and other content.

The Spanish-language films were restored by Olympusat 360 as
part of the company's launch of new HD channels for the Hispanic market.
Olympusat owns one of the largest independent film libraries of
Spanish-language films in the world.

"We needed classic movies for our new Classic HD film
network, Ultra Clásico," noted Albert J. Estrada, senior VP of business
development in a statement. "And we found that none of the movies that we
wanted to include on our network were in the proper video and audio condition
for HD delivery, so we decided to develop our own facility to master this
process. Since then we have restored classic as well as contemporary Spanish-language films, which include optical scanning, restoration and color

Olympusat 360 services now being offered to outside
companies include cleaning and scanning 35MM or 16MM film into a HD-2K or 4K
DPX file; a restoration process that removes imperfections in the form of film
grain, dust, dirt, and scratches, and fixes flicker, registration and weave
problems; color correction; and remastering to multiple formats, including HD
broadcast and Blu-ray.