Olympics 2010: NBC's 'Today' Offers Immersive View

NBC's Today is using imLIVE technology from Immersive Media to bring live,
360-degree, interactive video streams from its temporary Olympic set on
Vancouver's Grouse Mountain to its Website.

The live video stream on TODAYshow.com, which is being
provided Feb. 17 and 18 from 7 to 10 a.m. EST, features one live video stream
that alternates between two 360-degree cameras: one focused on interior views
of the Today set and the other on outside shots. Through the imLIVE system, Web
viewers can click and drag an icon in the video player to pan the camera view
through 360 degrees, getting a behind-the-scenes look at production staff and
on-air talent setting up live shots. In addition to live streams, selected
segments will also be available on TODAYshow.com following each broadcast.

"With the live video stream on the set in Vancouver,
they can control the view and experience one of the biggest events of the year
right from their computer," said Catherine Captain, VP of Marketing for
the MSNBC Digital Network, in a statement. "We love giving viewers an
insider's perspective that they won't find anywhere else."

"We are thrilled to give viewers a new way to experience Today with
imLIVE 360-degree web videos," added Larry Logan, chief marketing officer
of Immersive Media. "This technology truly puts the viewer in the
director's chair. The audience will see interviews with athletes, on-set antics
amongst the anchors and more in a fresh, new, powerful way."