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OIC: Title II Is Straightforward Step

The Open Internet Coalition (OIC) is on board with the FCC's Title II reclassification, calling it a "relatively straightforward" step toward revising its regulatory framework for broadband.

OIC was one of the groups at the table during the FCC-brokered meetings in search of a targeted legislative solution to clarifying the FCC's broadband authority, but those talks broke off.

"Tjhe Commission can and should reclassify the Internet connectivity of broadband Internet access services, along with appropriate forbearance from unnecessary Title II provisions," said the coalition in reply comments to the FCC. OIC's members include Free Press, Public Knowledge, and Google, though Google had a separate seat at the table and has come up with its own set of network neutrality proposals with Verizon. Google had not filed reply comments separately at press time, but in initial comments it supported reclassification.

OIC said that the reclassification should not apply to applications or services like VoIP.

The coalition does not separate out wireless and wired broadband in its arguments for reclassification, though separately Google supports not applying most of the FCC's openness rules to wireless broadband, a position it now shares with Verizon and other wireless carriers.