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NTIA Revises Broadband Map

The National Telecommunications & Information Administration has updated its interactive national broadband map, which it says is now based on data from 1,731 broadband suppliers, up from 1,650.

It is the first update of the map since it launched in February, a requirement of the broadband portion of the stimulus bill.

The map is a searchable database of more than 20 million records and has had more than 500,000 users, according to NTIA, which recommends putting in street address, rather than city name or zip code.

The good news for cable operators is that the map will likely show even more broadband deployment, since most of the new additions are smaller providers in rural areas that might not have shown up as served or competitive on the first map.

The map also includes a new feature that creates "snapshots" of "individual broadband providers, showing where they offer service, what speeds they offer, and how much of the country -- or of a particular state or county -- they cover."

The map is a co-production of NTIA and the FCC, with NTIA updating it twice yearly, using state data from broadband providers or other sources.