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NovelSat Launches New Satellite Transmission System

NovelSat has released its new NS3 satellite transmission modulation technology product, which the company says increases satellite bandwidth by 20% to 55% over current DVB-S2 and DVB-S standards for 36 MHz transponders, and up to 78% for 72MHz transponders with the highest data rate of up to 358Mbps.

The technology is also backwards compatible with the earlier generations of DVB-S standard and the more recent DVB-S2, which currently offers the most efficient satellite bandwidth usage.

The increased efficiency of NS3 will be particularly important in 2012 as "the London Olympics, Euro Cup, and the upcoming US Presidential elections are just a few of the major activities to be transmitted worldwide in HDTV and 3DTV-thus demanding the most bandwidth capacity in history," noted Itzik Wulkan, CEO at NovelSat  in a statement.

The company also noted that its NovelSat's NS3 family of product lines delivers a number of other improvements, including same reception quality under lower SNR, which results in a smaller, and lighter antenna coverage footprint; 37% faster download from LEO/earth observation satellites; and a 28% to 37% improvement in satellite data communication services.