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Nielsen: 'Zero TV' Homes Skew Younger, Single

About 44% of American consumers who don't have pay TV or
over-the-air television are under 35, and 81% of the estimated 5 million "zero
TV" households in the U.S. have no children, according to Nielsen.

According to the research firm's "Fourth-Quarter 2012
Cross-Platform Report," in the U.S. there were 5.01 million zero TV households
in 2013. That's less than 5% of American households, but more than double from
2.01 million in 2007.

Of consumers who don't watch traditional TV, about 75% have
a TV and 67% consume video from Internet sources, according to Nielsen. Roughly
48% of them watch TV content through subscription services such as Netflix or
Hulu Plus, the research firm estimates.

The main reasons "zero TV" consumers cite for not having pay
TV or receiving broadcast TV are cost (36%) and lack of interest (31%). Only
18% of this segment is considering subscribing to TV services, according to

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