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Nielsen: Moms at Center of Digital Family

In the run-up to Mother's Day, Nielsen has posted blog with a wide variety of data showing that "moms are at the center of their family's offline life, so it's little surprise that they're also at the center of many of the biggest trends online as well."

The data shows that mothers are particularly active in social media, where nearly three in four (72.5%) visited Facebook in March of 2012, and view blogs, where they are 27% more likely than the general population to visit Blogger and 26% more likely to visit Wordpress. Overall about one in three bloggers are mothers.

The data also shows that 50% of all mothers access social media platforms via mobile devices, a greater percentage than the 37% of the general population. Overall about 54% of American mothers have a smartphone, Nielsen reports.

In terms of their social media usage, moms are 61% more likely to visit Pinterest than the average American and 38% more likely to become a fan or follow brand online, Nielsen reported.

The post also listed the top five family and lifestyle sites for mothers, with Pinterest leading the pack with 4.9 million monthly users, followed by Disney Online (4.8 million), iVillage Network (4.4 million), WebMD (4.2 million) and Everyday Health (3.8 million.) The data is from home computers for the month of May.

The post also cited a variety of data showing that mothers are more likely to shop online for such products as clothes, toys, music, e-books and other goods.

The original post and a fascinating infographic on digital moms can be found here.