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Nielsen: Dramas Draw Most Primetime Viewers, Timeshifting and Ad Spend

Dramas draw the largest share of primetime viewership, timeshifting and ad spend of the five traditional primetime genres, according to the first of a
three-part insight series released by Nielsen.

The study examines viewership and advertising across drama,
news, reality, sitcom and sports. In 2011, $72 billion was spent on TV advertising,
with $14 billion allocated to the five primetime genres. Dramas, which
accounted for 41% of primetime viewing and 58% of timeshifted viewing, drew 35% of ad dollars, the most of any genre.

Sports, which accounted for 22% of viewing -- and one of the lower amounts
of timeshifted viewing at 8% -- drew an ad spend of 29%, or $4.1 billion.

Reality, with 16% of primetime viewing and 14% timeshifted,
drew 17% of the allocated ad dollars, and also accounted for over half of all
product placements. Sitcoms, drawing 11% of primetime and 16% of timeshifted,
drew 15% of ad dollars.

News accounted for the least amount of ad dollars at 4%, with
10% primetime viewing and 4% of timeshifting.