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NFL Opener Scores 20 Million Facebook Interactions

Facebook racked up some impressive data during NBC's airing of the September 5, NFL season opening game between the Baltimore Ravens and Denver Broncos, with more than 8 million people having more than 20 million Facebook interactions as they posted material, comments or likes.

The most social moment during the game, according to Facebook data, came when Peyton Manning threw his record-tying 7th touchdown pass late in the 4th quarter to seal the 49-27 victory.

The second most social moment was during the lightning and rain that delayed the start of the game.

Not surprisingly, the most talked about player was Peyton Manning, followed by Wes Welker, Joe Flacco, Julius Thomas and Ray Rice.

Facebook didn't provide specific numbers for separate age groups, but men aged 25-34 were the most active, followed by women 25-34, men 18 to 24, women 18 to 24 and men 35 to 44.

Overall, about 53% of the buzz about the game was from men, which indicates the activity was fairly evenly distributed between genders.