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Next TV Summit: Twitter's Fred Graver: 'We Know The TV Business'

San Francisco -- Twitter's integration with social fabric of television and the programmers that are producing the shows themselves isn't just a complementary, flight of fancy, but the creation of new bona fide money-making opportunities, Fred Graver, the head of Twitter's TV team, said here at this week's Next TV Summit.

"We have set ourselves as a complement to the TV industry," he said Wednesday afternoon during a keynote Q&A with Broadcasting & Cable editor-in-chief Melissa Grego. "We know the TV business; we know people in the industry."

Graver, a programming vet and exec who is late of MTV, NBC, Travel Channel, and Disney, explained that Twitter has been active in calling up producers and working up strategies in which the social networking platform can help to build their audience and ratings...and pull in some new revenues.

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