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Next TV Summit: Tellem Showcases Interlude's Storytelling Tools

SANTA MONICA, Calif. — Nancy Tellem, the longtime CBS and Warner Bros. exec whose wild ride at Microsoft ended in 2014, offered a tour of her even more high-tech new home, the well-funded video startup Interlude.

A veteran of countless upfront pitches to ad buyers, Tellem brought a dash of that showmanship to her keynote session at the Next TV Summit & Expo Los Angeles Thursday.

“Using the technology is really an opportunity to enhance the video experience and what I love about it is that it can change the storytelling,” said Nancy Tellem, who joined Interlude as executive chairman and chief media officer two months ago, Thursday at the 2015 Next TV Summit & Expo Los Angeles.

Interlude adds a gaming element to content, allowing consumers to choose how they want the story told.

Tellem, who spoke during a Fireside Chat moderated by Broadcasting & Cable editor Dade Hayes, showed a music video for Aloe Blacc, which followed Blacc through the shoot and then allowed viewers to click on various characters and experience the video through their points of view.

The exec offered additional examples of the technology, including an interactive Madewell commercial as well as video that looks at Bob Dylan’s Like A Rolling Stone through the lenses of mock television channels.

The technology gives clients a wealth of data on consumer behavior, such as the insight that more viewers clicked on the Madewell ad option that looks at shoes as opposed to handbags.

“What I love about it is the world has completely changed and there’s so many opportunities, there’s so many different platforms…and there’s so many ways of storytelling,” said Tellem. “And that’s what got me excited.”